IT’S TIME: Prepare to enter the most anticipated event of South East Asia!

Dropzone Festival Bangkok 2018 begins in just under 10 hours! Now’s the time to prepare your sense and get ready to RAVE TO SURVIVE!

You can find a limited 1000 passes at the Gates of the festival – don’t forget to come early to explore the whole Dropzone Fortress!

Here are all the prices compared:

Once you’re in, here’s a look at our fortress map:

This year we’ll be lighting up The Core, The Armory, The Station and four extra spectacular zones for all survivors who made it inside.

If you’d like to take a look at the zones breakdown; look no further! Here’s what our tronic captured while surveying the site:

Excited yet? Don’t forget to follow our Official Facebook as always to catch live updates and chat with other survivors headed to the Fortress!

May the lights and music guide us all!

UPDATE: You can now check-in to The Dropzone Fortress on Facebook and Instagram; try it, soldier!